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At international level, so long as your equipment fits within the class rules, and that it is registered on the Series Production List, then you're good to go! What are the parameters? A quick summary here:


  • Board – the board is a 95cm wide "one-design" hull produced by multiple brands. During the transition period, any board up to 100.5cm will be race-legal.

  • Sail – the sail sizes are:

    • one sail no bigger than 9.5 m2 and another no bigger than 8.5 m2 for men;​

    • ​one sail no bigger than 8.5 m2 and another no bigger than 7.5 m2 for women;​
    • one sail no bigger than 8.5m2 and another no bigger than 7.5 m2 for youth.

  • Foil – one of each foil component with a front wing no larger than 1000 cm2 for men and 900 cm2 for women.

  • Mast – one mast which must work in both sails.

  • Boom – one boom with a minimum weight of 3kg. 

  • Transition rules apply until 1 January 2021 which relax the equipment rules to allow broader participation and also, to give brands who don't currently produce equipment to specification, to get on board.

  • See Class Rules for more.



  • Brands can pull products off their existing line of products.

  • At present Neilpryde, Severne and Phantom all produce an 8.0m2, and a 9.0m2. For the 2020 season those sails will be allowed to be registered (under “transition rules”) in lieu of the 7.5m2, 8.5m2 and 9.5m2.

PHASE 2 > Jan 2021

  • Registration of sails the brands will have to comply with standard class rules.

  • That is the 7.5m2, 8.5m2 and 9.5m2.

  • The transition rule will read “...a sail no bigger than 9.5m2; ...a sail no bigger than 8.5m2; ...a sail no bigger than 7.5m2”.

​PHASE 3 > 2022

  • From August 2022 parameters and designs for the series production components will be locked and all equipment will have to be registered for the 2024 Olympic Games. 

PHASES 4 (2024 to 2026) and 5 (2026 to 2028)  

  • For phases 4 and 5 the registration date will be on the 1st January every two years.

  • This provides the advantages, listed above, included as mentioned the ability to evolve the equipment between Olympic Games'. 

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